Coronavirus Virus (COVID-19)

To all our wonderful couples and families

At Inimitable, and in business, we have always believed that family and the health and wellbeing of those who are part of our extended family, are the cornerstones of our business and the reason why we have such a happy and enjoyable environment. We believe that the health and wellbeing of all who visit Inimitable is, and will always be, our priority.

Your health and safety is our constant concern when you visit our venue and in light of the current spread of Covid-19/Corona Virus, Inimitable has been putting together an extensive precautionary action plan that will be executed as of today. We strive always to exceed the basic recommendations as laid out by the W.H.O in their statement as linked below. recommendations-for-mass-gatherings-in-the-context-of-the-current-covid-19-outbreak

The below details our response and action plan to ensure that we are constantly doing all we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  • Inimitable works closely with Food By Andrew Draper and an external Food Safety company based in Edenvale, who consistently place checks and methods to ensure that the Food Safety and kitchen cleanliness are always up to and exceed regulation standards. All staff at Food by Andrew Draper are trained in Food Safety and will continue to follow all and any updates of food safety regulations relating to Covid-19. We are bound by H.A.C.C.P and work strictly within their guidelines.

  • You will notice that regularly throughout the week as well as every 3 hours during a wedding or function, staff will be sanitising all balustrades, hand rails, bar counters, cocktail tables, bathroom surfaces etc. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the smell of disinfectant, but believe this is the responsible thing to do.

  • Hand sanitizer/sanitising soaps will be available to clients in all bathrooms. Sanitisers will also be available in public spaces such as bars. We encourage all guests to “be wise and sanitise.”

  • Our office spaces are sanitised hourly and our staff are supplied with sanitizer at all times. Protecting our staff is part of our promise to ensure that your wedding will not be affected by Covid-19.

  • Thanks to our modern design and build, our Glass Chapel and Riverview Reception Hall offer three glass sides that open to ensure extensive ventilation and airflow which, as detailed by the W.H.O, is an exceptional method to prevent the spread of any illness.

  • Our Canapes area is fully open.

We feel it necessary to explain the difference between public events are private events as detailed by the W.H.O.

“A public event is any event that is attended by the general public, including but not limited to events such as concerts, fairs, farmers markets, festivals, performances and exhibitions. To declare an event as ‘public’ it must meet the following criteria: Open to all public without formal invitation or prejudice and exceeding 500 people.” It must be noted that almost all international governments have declared a public event as such and henceforth, any cancellation of a public event by any governing body or establishment will not, under this legislation, apply to weddings and private events.

Inimitable and its management feel strongly that it is the responsibility of all South African’s to act with common sense, sound judgement and to take the advice of the relevant authorities in an effort to avoid the spread of unnecessary panic whilst being prepared at all times. Mass panic has not and never will have a home at Inimitable.

We are passionate about all we do and cannot wait to welcome you and your family to our venue very soon.

Kindest regards and wishes,

John and Zavion

Founders of Inimitable.




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